The Flash Report (monthly)
US$2,900 (12 issues)

  • Prompt analysis of key variables for World-20 and other important countries; also includes consumer and port data
  • Clear, revealing graphs of pricing, inventories and other pertinent information
  • Most complete market breakdown available for just-released data ahead of all competitors
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World-17 Forecast (monthly; formerly World-20 Forecast)
US$2,900 (12 issues)

  • Prompt analysis of key world producer and consumer players
  • Shipments by destination and grade
  • 24-month pricing forecasts for Northern Europe
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World Downtime Report (monthly)
US$4,900 (12 issues)

  • Unique and comprehensive data - actual and forecast
  • Monthly and quarterly, softwood versus hardwood
  • NorScan breakdown and world figures
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Chemical Pulp Downtime Survey (monthly)
US$1,875 (12 issues) US$2,385 (results only)

  • Mill-specific downtime collected directly from market pulp producers via unique survey
  • Softwood versus hardwood breakdown; discretionary versus non-discretionary
  • One-month "actuals" and two-months "intended"
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Chemical Market Pulp Supply/Demand Analysis (2 issues/year)
(10-year forecasts) US$2,825 (2 issues: June and December)

  • Economic analysis and project reviews and analysis
  • Supply and demand for major grades
  • Ten-year pricing forecasts for major grades in Western Europe and the U.S.
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World Printing & Writing Downtime Survey (monthly)
US$1,875 (12 issues) US$2,385 (results only)

  • Mill-specific downtime; one-month "actuals" and two-month "intended" figures
  • Coated/uncoated freesheet and groundwood papers
  • Data collected worldwide directly from paper producers via our unique survey
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Multi-Client China Study (Issued in February)
US$2,750 (1 issue)

  • Analysis of Chinese imports
  • Market share, grade analysis, trend analysis
  • Includes forecasts (imports/market share/pricing)
  • Includes major projects (paper, tissue, packaging) that use market pulp.
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Closures & Conversions Study
(Issued in September)
US$4,900 (1 issue)

  • Hardwood to softwood production shift
  • Pulp-mill closures
  • Pricing forecasts

Market Fluff Pulp Report
(Issued quarterly: January, April, July and October)
US$2,475 (4 issues)

  • Global supply and demand analysis
  • Closures, conversions and expansions of fluff capacity
  • Pricing forecasts

Weekly Market Pulp Insight (weekly)
US$1,525 (weekly reports for one year)

  • Weekly analysis of worldwide pulp market developments as they unfold
  • Available at your desk each Monday morning
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Today's Comment - World-17 data release (monthly)
US$1,675 (12 issues)

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